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Monday, 3 January 2011

Are programmers any good without Google?

Having recently read that apparently 199 out of 200 of applicants for programming jobs can't write code at all I thought I'd put myself to the test.

The crux of the post being the FizzBuzz problem.

My results were rather surprising, although I managed to code a solution within 10 minutes - I had to perform the following google searches:
  • c# if whole number
  • c# multiples
and finally ending up with asking a rather dumb question over at stackoverflow.

This strikes fear through me, as it has become apparent that I am one of those who have a degree but can fail when asked to carry out a basic programming task during interview.

I've often wondered about this very fundamental understanding of programming - are programmers reduced to being simple googling machines?  Are our jobs simply comprised of looking up others code - and making it work for you?

I'm not so sure about the value of coding during interviews, as they tend to want you to code solo - without help.  But when in the real world are you working on a computer without internet access? Now obviously I disagree with someone using the internet for hours whilst trying to solve a trivial problem, but looking up syntax or framework quirks - surely thats excusable?

There are thousands of aspects to the .NET Framework and I challenge anyone who says they "know" it all. A programmer not needing the internet I believe is the equivalent of saying a Christian doesn't need a Bible because they "know" it all.

So what are the general thoughts on this?

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