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Thursday, 29 October 2009

.NET Framework gets more powerful by the day

Almost daily now I discover another aspect of the .NET framework which replaces manual repetitive tasks us developers are used to.

On going about setting up a membership system for a recent project I was about to go ahead and create session variables so the user can be tracked across pages, a pretty usual task in web development, when a colleague passed me a training folder entitled "Developing ASP.NET Web Applications: Hands-On".

Well blow me, everything you need (I mean EVERYTHING) is already pre-written and accessible through the System.Web.Security namespace using the Membership Provider, and anything that you need to customise is simply a case of deriving a class full of your own code.

In about 5 mins flat I put all the "members only" pages into a respective folder and changed the config file, now it'll only be shown when I drag the asp:Login control and authenticate myself. So much easier, and .NET is definitely becoming my first choice for personal and future projects

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